Biscutum harrisonii

Classification: ntax_cenozoic -> Mesozoic Survivors -> Biscutaceae -> Biscutum -> Biscutum harrisonii
Sister taxa: B. braloweri, B. castrorum, B. harrisonii, B. neocoronum, B. sp.


Citation: Biscutum harrisonii Varol, 1989
Rank: Species
Taxonomic discussion: Has been considered a junior synonym of Biscutum melaniae Gorka 1957 - however, the holotype of B. melaniae is a very poor drawing and does not show the small bright central area characteristic of this speceis.

Distinguishing features: Medium sized, broadly elliptical, bicyclic placolith with a closed central area. The birefringent tube cycle is narrow but conspicuous in XPL.

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: B. harrisonii * , C. panis *

Size: Holotype length 6.9 microns.

Search data:
TagsLITHS: placolith, elliptical, CA: closed,
CSPH: equant, elongated, monomorphic, CROSS-POLARS: rim-bicyclic, V-prominent, R-prominent,
MetricsLith size: 6->6µm;
Data source notes: lith size from illustrated specs
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within NP9 zone (55.86-57.21Ma, top in Ypresian stage). Data source: Varol, 1989
First occurrence (base): within NP1 zone (65.47-66.04Ma, base in Danian stage). Data source: Varol, 1989

Plot of occurrence data:


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Varol, O. (1998). Palaeogene. In, Bown, P. R. (ed.) Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy. British Micropalaeontological Society Publication Series. 200-224. gs


Biscutum harrisonii compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 23-1-2021

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Jean Self-Trail

Jeremy, you say that Jiang & Gartner 1986 called B. harrisonii by the name B. panis. They actually made a new combination of Markalius panis

Jeremy Young (Tonbridge, UK)

Hi Jean

Thanks for pointing out that mistake. It took a bit of searching but the combination was in fact proposed in a plate caption in Edwards & Perch-Nielsen 1975. I have updated the page now but what do you think, is there just one Danian Biscutum with a small central area - and what should it be called?


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