Reticulofenestra sp.

Classification: Coccolithophores -> Isochrysidales -> Noelaerhabdaceae -> Reticulofenestra -> Reticulofenestra sp.
Sister taxa: C. floridanus group, R. bisecta group, R. lockeri group, R. parvula group, R. pseudoumbilicus group, R. reticulata group, R. umbilicus group, R. sp.,


Citation: Reticulofenestra sp.
Rank: Species
Synonyms: Additional Reticulofenestra species encountered in the Farinacci catalog

Distinguishing features: Specimens which cannot be assigned to established species - AND SPECIES OF UNCERTAIN VALUE

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Coccolithus bryonalis * , Coccolithus falcatus * , Coccolithus celticus * , Coccolithus hantoniensis * , Coccolithus joensuui * , Coccolithus marismontium * , Coccolithus pelycomorphus * , Coccolithus pseudogammation * , Crenalithus punctatus * , Cyathosphaera lacrima * , Cyathosphaera martinii * , Dictyococcites antillarum * , Dictyococcites danicus * , Discolithus cuvillieri * , Discolithus alimaniensis * , Discolithus dupouyi * , Discolithus oculus-electrae * , Discolithus simillimus * , Discolithus tectus * , Prinsius minutus * , Reticulofenestra bohaiensis * , Reticulofenestra cisnerosii * , Reticulofenestra excavata * , Reticulofenestra francofurtana * , Reticulofenestra gabrielae * , Reticulofenestra gartneri * , Reticulofenestra inclinata * , Reticulofenestra japonica * , Reticulofenestra laevis * , Reticulofenestra moguntina * , Reticulofenestra nanna * , Reticulofenestra ornata * , Reticulofenestra pectinata * , Reticulofenestra perforata * , Reticulofenestra prebisecta * , Reticulofenestra primitiva * , Reticulofenestra pseudolockeri * , Reticulofenestra pseudoscissura * , Reticulofenestra retisimilis * , Reticulofenestra tokodensis * , Reticulofenestra zancleana *

Search data:
MetricsLith size: 0->0µm;
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: same as genus
First occurrence (base): within Eocene Epoch (33.89-55.96Ma, base in Ypresian stage). Data source: same as genus

Plot of occurrence data:

  • Histogram - Neptune occurrence data from DSDP and ODP proceedings. Pale shading <50 samples in time bin. Interpret with caution & read these notes
  • Note to users in China - the diagram may not plot unless you use a VPN since I use google services on the website. If this is a problem please contact me 谢谢.
  • Taxon plotted: Reticulofenestra sp., synonyms included - Coccolithus bisectus (q); Crenalithus (unspecified taxon or taxa); Crenalithus productellus; Crenalithus sp.; Cribrocentrum sp.; Cyclicargolithus marismontium; Dictyococcites aff. D. antarcticus; Dictyococcites danicus; Dictyococcites dictyodus (q); Dictyococcites productellus; Dictyococcites sp.; Dictyococcites sp. (small); Dictyococcites sp. cf. D. dictyodus; Dictyococcites spp.; Dictyococcites spp. (<4 microns); Dictyococcites spp. (small); Placolith (small); Placolith small oval; Reticulofenestra "grandis"; Reticulofenestra "small"; Reticulofenestra (pseudobar); Reticulofenestra (unspecified taxon or taxa); Reticulofenestra Z; Reticulofenestra aff. pseudoumbilicus; Reticulofenestra aff. umbilica; Reticulofenestra cf. R. haqii; Reticulofenestra cf. bisecta; Reticulofenestra cf. producta; Reticulofenestra cf. pseudoumbilica; Reticulofenestra dictyoda (q); Reticulofenestra haqii (q); Reticulofenestra haqii/R. minutula/R. minuta; Reticulofenestra hesslandii (q); Reticulofenestra insignita; Reticulofenestra medium-sized; Reticulofenestra minutula (circ. form); Reticulofenestra minutula/ R.haqii; Reticulofenestra placomorpha; Reticulofenestra placomorpha (smallcenter); Reticulofenestra pseudogammation; Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilica (q); Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilicus?; Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilicus (circular outline); Reticulofenestra small int.; Reticulofenestra small-sized; Reticulofenestra sp.; Reticulofenestra sp. (5-7 microns); Reticulofenestra sp. (<5 microns); Reticulofenestra sp. (q); Reticulofenestra sp. (small); Reticulofenestra sp. A; Reticulofenestra sp. A (5-6 microns); Reticulofenestra sp. D; Reticulofenestra sp. cf. R.dictyoda; Reticulofenestra sp. cf. asanoi; Reticulofenestra sp.(large); Reticulofenestra spp.; Reticulofenestra spp. (circular); Reticulofenestra spp. (large); Reticulofenestra spp. (small - medium); Reticulofenestra spp. (small); Reticulofenestra spp. small; Reticulofenestra umbilica (>7 microns); Reticulofenestra umbilica/samodurovii; Reticulofenestrid taxa; placolith (<2.0 microns); placolith (small); reticulofenstrids small; Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilica (q); Dictyococcites spp. 10-5 µm; Crenalithus japonicus; Reticulofenestra sp. cf. samodurovii; Reticulofenestra strada;
  • space-time plot :: Samples map :: Parent: Reticulofenestra


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    Reticulofenestra sp. compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 9-7-2020

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    Ines Galovic (Croatia)

    Matsuoka Okada 1989 pl11-04.; 15 and 19 JPG is typical R. hesslandii. Please see fig. 13 in Pujos, 1987 and Perch-Nielsen, 1985 pic 8 in fig. 60.

    Ines Galovic (Croatia)
    The second pic looks like Dictyococcites antarcticus (Farinacci catalog) i.e. D. productus (fig. 22 in Pujos, 1987).
    Ines Galovic (Croatia)
    I think it should be R. producta for smaller forms and R. perplexa for larger forms.
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