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Current identification/main database link: Ahmuellerella octoradiata (Górka, 1957) Reinhardt & Górka, 1967

Compiled data

Citation: Ahmuellerella limbitenuis Reinhardt (1964)
Rank: Species
Type locality: Germany
Type level: Maastrichtian
Standardised type level: 080_UPPER CRETACEOUS
Type repository: Freiberg, Geol Inst
Repository Country: Germany
Farinacci catalog page: 02004
Language: DE


Reinhardt, P., (1964). Einige Kalkflagellaten-Gattungen (Coccolithophoriden, Coccolithineen) aus dem Mesozoikum Deutschlands. Monatsberichte der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 6: 749-759.


Ahmuellerella limbitenuis: Catalog entry compiled by Anna Farinacci and Richard Howe. Viewed: 16-12-2018

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