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Citation: Arkhangelskiella verrucosa Shumenko (1969)
Rank: Species
Type locality: USSR
Type level: Coniacian
Standardised type level: 070_MID CRETACEOUS
Type repository: Kharkov Univ, Petrography Dept
Repository Country: Ukraine
Farinacci catalog page: 07012
Language: EN
Notes: Broinsonia bevieri ???


Shumenko, S.I., (1969). Elektronnomikroskopicheskoe izuchenie Turonskikh kokkolitoforid vostoka USSR i oblasti Kurskoy magnitnoy anomalii. Paleontol. Sborn. L'vov Univ., 6(2): 68-73.

Shumenko, S.I., (1969). Electron microscopy of Late Cretaceous coccoliths of the Russian Platform Paleontological Journal, 3(2): 3-14.

Nannotax3 - Farinacci - Arkhangelskiella verrucosa compiled by Anna Farinacci and Richard Howe

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