Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii HOL

Classification: Coccolithophores -> Holococcoliths -> tubeless -> flat (coccolithaceae HOLs) -> Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii HOL
Sister taxa: C. leptoporus subsp. leptoporus HOL, C. pelagicus subsp. braarudii HOL, C. pelagicus subsp. pelagicus HOL,


Citation: Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii (Gaarder 1962) Geisen et al., 2002 HOL
Rank: Form
Basionym: Crystallolithus braarudii Gaarder 1962

Distinguishing features: Disk with single layer of crystallites arranged in radial strings

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Crystallolithus braarudi + *

Morphology remarks: Like C. p. pelagicus HOL but liths with discontinuous cover, central ring of elements connected to rim by spoke-like strings of crystallites; rim two crystallites high. Not all specimens show this morphology well and separation from C. p. pelagicus is not easy in this phase.
From the SEM appearance one might predict a rather oblique c-axis orientation but when coccospheres are examined in LM the coccoliths behave as if formed of vertically oriented calcite. [my obs - JRY 2017]

Biology & life-cycles: Life-cycle association with C. pelagicus ssp. braarudii HET (larger, temperate water, morphotype) is supported by culture observations and biogeography (Geisen et al. 2002).

See also: Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii ;

Search data:
TagsLITHS: holococcolith, H: disk-like, elliptical, CA: H: fabric-rhomboid, closed,
CSPH: spherical, equant, monomorphic, V-UNITS: all, c-str, V-prominent, R-UNITS: none, DETAILS: 1ou,
MetricsLith size: 2->3µm; Coccosphere size: 13->20µm;
Sources: lith size from OD; csph size from illustrated specs
The morphological data given here can be used on the advanced search page. See also these notes

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: present in the plankton (Young et al. 2003)
First occurrence (base): within Quaternary Period (0.00-2.59Ma, base in Gelasian stage). Data source: [JRY rough estimate]

Plot of occurrence data:

  • Histogram - Neptune occurrence data from DSDP and ODP proceedings. Pale shading <50 samples in time bin. Interpret with caution & read these notes
  • Note to users in China - the diagram may not plot unless you use a VPN since I use google services on the website. If this is a problem please contact me 谢谢.
  • Taxon plotted: Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii HOL, synonyms included - Coccolithus pelagicus braarudii hol; Coccolithus pelagicus f. braarudii; Coccolithus braarudii; Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii HOL;
  • space-time plot :: Samples map :: Parent: flat (coccolithaceae HOLs)


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    Geisen, M., Billard, C., Broerse, A. T. C., Cros, L., Probert, I. & Young, J. R. (2002a). Life-cycle associations involving pairs of holococcolithophorid species: intraspecific variation or cryptic speciation?. European Journal of Phycology. 37: 531-550. gs :: ::

    Kleijne, A. (1991). Holococcolithophorids from the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Marine Micropaleontology. 17: 1-76. gs :: ::

    Young, J. R., Geisen, M., Cros, L., Kleijne, A., Probert, I. & Ostergaard, J. B. (2003). A guide to extant coccolithophore taxonomy. Journal of Nannoplankton Research, Special Issue. 1: 1-132. gs :: view :: open


    Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii HOL compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 4-6-2020

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