Cylindralithus biarcus

Classification: Mesozoic -> Stephanolithiales -> Stephanolithiaceae -> Cylindralithus -> Cylindralithus biarcus
Sister taxa: C. biarcus, C. coronatus, C. sculptus, C. serratus, C. duplex, C. oweinae, C. nieliae, C. sp.,

Distinguishing features: Cylindralithus with diagonal central-area cross-bars defining two large and two small pores


Citation: Cylindralithus biarcus Bukry, 1969
Rank: Species
Notes & discussion: Lees & Bown 2005 recombined the species into Rotelapillus on the basis that Cylindralithus was Watznaueriacian genus, however re-examination of Cylindralithus species suggests that most of them (although not C. nudus) are Stephanolithids

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Cylindralithus asymmetricus * Cylindralithus biarcus *

Distinguishing features: Cylindralithus with diagonal central-area cross-bars defining two large and two small pores

Morphology remarks: C. coronoatus is very ismilar but the cross bars are more symetric and define four equal sized pores.

Geological Range:
Notes: In Boreal Eurpoe LO in Campanian, UC9a (Burnett 1998)
Last occurrence (top): within Maastrichtian Stage (66.04-72.05Ma, top in Maastrichtian stage). Data source: Burnett 1998
First occurrence (base): at base of UC4a subzone (0% up, 94.5Ma, in Cenomanian stage). Data source: Burnett 1998 (zonal marker), fig.6.2

Plot of occurrence data:

  • Histogram - Neptune occurrence data from DSDP and ODP proceedings. Pale shading <50 samples in time bin. Interpret with caution & read these notes
  • Note to users in China - the diagram may not plot unless you use a VPN since I use google services on the website. If this is a problem please contact me 谢谢.
  • Taxon plotted: Cylindralithus biarcus, synonyms included - Cylindralithus biarcus; Cylindratlithus biarcus; Rotelapillus biarcus; Stoverius biarcus; space-time plot :: Samples map :: Parent: Cylindralithus


    Bukry, D. (1969). Upper Cretaceous coccoliths from Texas and Europe. The University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions. Article 51 (Protista 2): 1-79. gs

    Burnett, J. A. (1998). Upper Cretaceous. In, Bown, P. R. (ed.) Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy. British Micropalaeontological Society Publication Series. 132-199. gs

    Lees, J. A. & Bown, P. R. (2005). Upper Cretaceous calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy, ODP Leg 198 (Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific Ocean). Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program. Scientific Results. 198: 1-60. gs


    Cylindralithus biarcus compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 18-6-2019

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