Dictyocha fibula

Ancestry: non_cocco -> Silicoflagellates -> Dictyocha -> Dictyocha fibula
Sister taxa: D. fibula,

Short diagnosis: 4- sided with apical bridge


Citation: Dictyocha fibula Ehrenberg 1837
Rank: Species

Short diagnosis: 4- sided with apical bridge

Geological Range:
Notes: Forms similar to D. fibula are found throughout the Cenozoic (Perch-Nielsen 1985)  
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: Present in plankton
First occurrence (base): within Palaeocene (-Ma, base in stage). Data source: Perch-Nielsen 1985

Nannotax3 - non_cocco - Dictyocha fibula by: Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 28-4-2017

Search term: in module

AphiaID: 157463 Nomenclatural data on WoRMS

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Ines Galovic (Zagreb, Croatia)

Dictyocha pentagona (Schulz) Bukry & Foster 1973-record paleocene-recent: Arabian Sea (bas. Dictyocha fibula var pentagona Schulz 1928, syn. Dictyocha fibula f. pentagona (Schulz) Frenguelli 1935, Dictyocha pentagona (Lemm.) Martini, 1971; Dictyocha pentagona (Schulz)Ciesielski) 1975

Dictyocha rhombica (Schulz) Deflandre 1941-record: Paleocene to recent: Atlantic, Japan, Arabian Sea (Bas. Dictyocha fibula var aspera f. rhombica Schulz 1928, syn. D. fibula var. rhombica (Schulz) Ichikawa 1956

Ines Galovic (Croatia)
Stratigraphic range for D. fibula is from Upper Cretaceous to Recent (Desikachary & Prema, 1996).
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