Haptolina hirta

Classification: non_cocco -> Haptophytes -> Prymnesiales -> Prymnesiaceae -> Haptolina -> Haptolina hirta
Sister taxa: H. brevifilum, H. ericina, H. fragaria, H. herdlensis, H. hirta, H. sp.,


Citation: Haptolina hirta (Manton 1978) Edvardsen & Eikrem, in Edvardsen et al., 2011
Rank: Species
Basionym: Chrysochromulina hirta Manton, 1978

Catalog entries: Chrysochromulina hirta

Original description: Protoplast c. 6 µm when dry, probably twice this size alive. Two flagella, each up to 20 µm long, the haptonema somewhat longer when extended, or coiled into about 10 gyres when retracted. Periplast with many hair-like spines of two sizes, uniformly distributed, each spine attached to the centre of a concave scale, patterned on the convex (proximal) surface with radiating ridges arranged in quadrants but not reaching the scale edge; on the concave (distal) surface patterned with more or less radially arranged fine threads. The large spines 20-30 µm long, forked and grooved at the base but distally attenuated, flattened, and twisted into a right handed screw, each spine with four decurrent, buttress-like, ridges with distinctly thread- covered surfaces attached proximally to the narrow thickened rim and concave surface of the subtending scale; scale diameter commonly 2-2-5 µm. The smaller spines whiplike, twice as numerous as the large spines, inconspicuously twisted into a right handed screw, each spine up to 5 µm long, attached centrally to a more oval and shallower concave scale, commonly 1.5× 2 µm, patterned like the preceding but the support struts much reduced and inconspicuous An underlayer of imbricated, flat and apparently rimless, plate-scales also present, each patterned to the edge with radiating ridges arranged in quadrants on the proximal face and an indistinct arrangement of concentric and radial threads on the distal face, size commonly 1.3 × 1-6 µm but can be larger or smaller.

Type images:

Morphology remarks: Cell spherical-oblong; Flagella equal, haptonema longer; Scales plate-like & 2 types of spine-bearing with radial ribs on one face, fibrils on other face; Pyrenoids ND (Edvardsen et al. 2011)

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source:
First occurrence (base): within No known fossil record modern (0.00-0.00Ma, base in stage). Data source:


Edvardsen, B., Eikrem, W., Throndsen, J., Sáez, A. G., Probert, I. & Medlin, L. K. (2011). Ribosomal DNA phylogenies and a morphological revision provide the basis for a revised taxonomy of the Prymnesiales (Haptophyta). European Journal of Phycology. 46(3): 202-228. gs

Manton, I. (1978a). Chrysochromulina hirta sp. nov., a widely distributed species with unusual spines. British Phycological Journal. 13: 3-14. gs


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