Helicosphaera sellii

Ancestry: Coccolithophores -> Zygodiscales -> Helicosphaeraceae -> Helicosphaera -> H. carteri group -> Helicosphaera sellii
Sister taxa: H. pavimentum, H. hyalina, H. carteri, H. wallichii, H. princei, H. inversa, H. sellii, H. intermedia, H. euphratis, H. granulata, H. ethologa, H. mediterranea,

Short diagnosis: Like H. carteri but pores large. (Late Pliocene- Early Pleistocene)


Citation: Helicosphaera sellii (Bukry and Bramlette, 1969) Jafar and Martini, 1975
Rank: Species
Basionym: Helicopontosphaera sellii Bukry and Bramlette, 1969
Variants: H. omanica Sato, Kameo and Takayama, 1991 - bar missing, ? dissolved. Also similar to H. neogranulata (regarded here as a synonym of H. carteri).

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Helicopontosphaera sellii * Helicosphaera omanica *

Short diagnosis: Like H. carteri but pores large. (Late Pliocene- Early Pleistocene)

See also: Helicosphaera bownii - similar Early-Mid Miocene species;

Geological Range:
Notes: NN12 to 19. Last occurrence has been used in some zonatons but is rather diachronous
Last occurrence (top): within NN19 zone (0.44-1.93Ma, top in Ionian stage). Data source: Young 1998
First occurrence (base): within NN12 zone (5.12-5.59Ma, base in Messinian stage). Data source: Young 1998

Plot of occurrence data:


Bukry, D. & Bramlette, M.N., (1969). Some new and stratigraphically useful calcareous nannofossils of the Cenozoic. Tulane Studies in Geology, 7: 131-142.

Jafar, S.A. & Martini, E., (1975). On the validity of the calcareous nannoplankton genus Helicosphaera. Senckenbergiana lethaea, 56: 381-397.

Sato, T.; Kameo, K. & Takayama, T., (1991). Coccolith biostratigraphy of the Arabian Sea. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program. Scientific Results, 117: 37-54.

Young, J.R., (1998). Neogene. In: Bown, P.R. (Editor), Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy. British Micropalaeontological Society Publications Series. Chapman & Hall, London, pp. 225-265.


Helicosphaera sellii compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 20-8-2017

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Mike Styzen (Noble Energy, US)
This species is widely used as a marker in the GOM. Unfortunately I think most workers would not pick it on a specimen resembling the holotype (figures 3and 4 in the original description). Most of us would wait till we saw one with the larger squared-off pores such as illustrated in the specimen illustrated in figures 5 and 6 before making the call.

[The images refered to in this comment are those in the original descrition, see link to Farinacci catalog pages - JRY March 2014]
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