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Scans of pages from the "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" as compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989 and updated by Richard Howe 2000-2016 - see also this page.
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status uncertain

= Blackites

= Nannoconus

= Hayella

= Schizosphaerella

= Nannoconus

= Micula

= Nannotetrina

= crystals

= Sphenolithus

= Navilithus

= Navisolenia

= crystals

= Neobiscutum

= Neochiastozygus

= Neococcolithes

= Neocrepidolithus

= Ceratolithus

= Nephrolithus

= Nicholasia

= Nicklithus

= Schizosphaerella

= Stradnerlithus

= Noelaerhabdus

= Unidentifiable nannofossil

= Sollasites

= Pontosphaera

= Blackites

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Compiled data



N: Catalog entry compiled by Anna Farinacci and Richard Howe. Viewed: 18-7-2019

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