Folder trail: ntax_non_cocco -> Dinophytes -> Thoracosphaeraceae -> Radial wall -> Orthopithonella
Folders this level: Bitorus, Caracomia, Congruentia, Echinodinella, Leonella, Orthopithonella, Orthotabulata, Ruegenia

Daughter taxa: (blue => in age window 0-800Ma)
Orthopithonella aequilamellata

Orthopithonella aspera

Orthopithonella collaris

Orthopithonella compsa

Orthopithonella congruens

Orthopithonella duplicata

Orthopithonella geometrica

Orthopithonella globosa

Orthopithonella gustafsonii

Orthopithonella minuta

Orthopithonella misurinae

Orthopithonella multipora

Orthopithonella ornata

Orthopithonella porata

Orthopithonella porifera

Orthopithonella pycnothecata

Orthopithonella reticulata

Orthopithonella sp.

Orthopithonella veeversii

Orthopithonella weileri

Citation: Orthopithonella Keupp, in Keupp & Mutterlose 1984
Rank: Genus
Type species: Orthopithonella gustafsonii (Bolli) Lentin & Williams 1984

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Nannotax3 - ntax_non_cocco - Orthopithonella by: Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees 5-12-2020

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