Orthorhabdus rugosus

Classification: ntax_cenozoic -> Nannolith families inc sed -> Ceratolithaceae -> Orthorhabdus -> Orthorhabdus rugosus
Sister taxa: O. serratus, O. rugosus, O. striatus, O. rioi, O. finifer, O. extensus, O. sp.


Citation: Orthorhabdus rugosus (Bramlette and Wilcoxon, 1967) Young & Bown 2014
Rank: Species
Basionym: Triquetrorhabdulus rugosus Bramlette and Wilcoxon, 1967
Synonyms: Ceratolithus farnsworthii Gartner, 1967 = Triquetrorhabdulus farnsworthii (Gartner, 1967) Perch-Nielsen 1984
Taxonomic discussion: The most common mid to late Miocene Orthorhabdus species. Specimens vary noticeably in shape and in degree of development of secondary ridges, the most extreme of these have been described as separate species (O. striatus, O. extensus, O. finifer). It might also be worth subdividing the more normal forms, as noted by Perch-Nielsen (1985).

Distinguishing features: Orthorhabdus species with three blades of variable width; broadest blade usually rodded.

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: T. rugosus * , C. farnsworthii *

Search data:
TagsLITHS: nannolith-other, rod-shaped, CROSS-POLARS: 1ou, T-prominent,
MetricsLith size: 10->20µm; Segments: 3->3;
Data source notes: lith length from OD & illustrated specimens
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): in lower part of NN12 zone (20% up, 5.5Ma, in Zanclean stage). Data source: from Young 1998, fig. 8.5
First occurrence (base): within NN6 zone (11.90-13.53Ma, base in Serravallian stage). Data source: Young 1998

Plot of occurrence data:


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Orthorhabdus rugosus compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 5-12-2020

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