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Current identification/main database link: Phaeocystis scrobiculata Moestrup 1979

Compiled data

Citation: Phaeocystis scrobiculata Moestrup 1979
Rank: Species
Type locality: Type micrographs: Figs 28 & 37, from Kai- koura, New Zealand (173°42'E, 42°25'S), 13 September 1974.">">
Farinacci catalog page (& compiler): n/a

Original Description
Each cell c. 8 µm in diameter, as seen in a direct preparation, with two flagella, 23-30 µm long, and a haptonema, c. 5 µm long (Figs 28, 29, 31). The cell covered by a periplast of two different scale types (Figs 37, 38). Of these the smaller type appears to be distributed between and probably at a slightly lower level than the large scales. The latter are oval, c. 0.6 x 0.45 µm, with a peripheral upstanding rim which shows no distinct pattern. The small scales are circular-oval, measuring c. 0.19-0.21 µm in diameter, with a dorsal patternless rim. Both scale types on the ventral side show a pattern of ridges which radiate from a plain centre. The dorsal side of the scales of both types is without visible patterning.
The cells produce thread-like structures (Fig. 30) resembling those found in some strains of Phaeocystis pouchetii. The threads occur in groups of nine (eight in pairs and one single), rather than five (single) as in P. pouchetii. They often form 9- rayed structures, in which the threads are arranged in a characteristic way (Figs 32-34, 36).


Moestrup, Ø. (1979). Identification by electron microscopy of marine nanoplankton from New Zealand, including the description of four new species. New Zealand. Journal of Botany. 17: 61-95. gs :: ::


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