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Current identification/main database link: Reticulofenestra dictyoda (Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert, 1954) Stradner in Stradner & Edwards, 1968

Compiled data

Citation: Reticulofenestra donghaiensis Wang & Huang 1989
Rank: Species
Type locality: South China Sea
Type level: Cenozoic
Standardised type level: 102_MIDDLE EOCENE
Repository Country: China
Farinacci catalog page (& compiler): 19075
Language: CH

Google translate of text:
Oval to sub-circular shield, far greater than the proximal shield shield, the central oval clouds perforated sieve. Very far from the shield than 54-60 elements clockwise slightly overstep made jagged edge of the shield; very far wall Epistar wide, the number of pole shield away the same. Distal surface of the shield smoother, its wafer number and far very same shield. Near the central perforated mesh attached to the pole face shield, ranging from small-diameter large, the number of perforations is 54-64 months.
In the orthogonal polarization, shield-shaped plate was light extinction.
Sample size, very far from the long axis of the shield 4-5μm, minor axis 3.5-4.5μm; the long axis of the proximal shield 3.3-4μm; hole net diameter 0.9-1.5μm.

Compare discuss current new species compared with R. laevis, the latter very much the shield plate wafer (140), the small number of cells (30-40) and distinguished from each other.

Horizon Oujiang group. [Mid Eocene NP13-17 cf. Wan et al. 2014 Palaeogene marine stratigraphy in China, Lethaia 47, 297-308]


Wang, C. & Huang, W. (1989). Calcareous nannofossils. Geol. Pub. House, Beijing. 202-252. gs :: ::


Reticulofenestra donghaiensis: Catalog entry compiled by Richard Howe. Viewed: 9-7-2020

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