Schizosphaerella punctulata

Classification: Mesozoic -> Mesozoic non–coccoliths -> Schizosphaerellaceae -> Schizosphaerella -> Schizosphaerella punctulata
Sister taxa: S. punctulata, S. sp.,

Distinguishing features: Large globular test with two interlocking sub-hemispherical valves formed from a geometric arrangement of equidimensional crystallites.


Citation: Schizosphaerella punctulata Deflandre & Dangeard, 1938
Rank: Species
Synonyms: Nannopatina grandaeva Stradner 1961
Schizosphaerella astraea Moshkovitz 1979 [cf. Neptune database synonymy] Nipterula sabina Farinacci 1969

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Schizosphaerella punctulata * , Nannopatina grandaeva * , Schizosphaerella astraea * , Nipterula sabina *

Distinguishing features: Large globular test with two interlocking sub-hemispherical valves formed from a geometric arrangement of equidimensional crystallites.

Morphology remarks: Can be common, but often seen as broken pieces. The wall has a fine, granular appearance in XPL. The wall structure of S. punctulata is documented in impressive detail by Kalin (1980) and is remarkably copmlex.

Search data:
TagsLITHS: nannolith-other, circular, hollow,
MetricsLith size: 8->12µm;
Sources: Bown 1987
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Kimmeridgian Stage (152.06-157.25Ma, top in Kimmeridgian stage). Data source: Bown & Cooper 1998
First occurrence (base): at base of NJ1 zone (0% up, 201.1Ma, in Hettangian stage). Data source: Bown & Cooper 1998 (fig 4) - zonal event

Plot of occurrence data:

  • (NB There is no histogram as there are no occurrence records for the taxon in the Neptune database) Parent: Schizosphaerella


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    Schizosphaerella punctulata compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 9-8-2020

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