Tetraparma silverae

Classification: non_cocco -> Parmales -> Tetraparma -> Tetraparma silverae
Sister taxa: T. catinifera, T. gracilis, T. insecta, T. pelagica, T. silverae, T. trullifera, T. sp.,


Citation: Tetraparma silverae Fujita & Jordan 2017
Rank: Species
Tetraparma silverae [no catalog entry yet]

Geological Range:
Notes: Recorded from the Quaternary by Stradner & Allram (1982), first occurrence may of course be much older.
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: decribed from the plankton
First occurrence (base): within NN20 zone (0.29-0.44Ma, base in Ionian stage). Data source: Stradner & Allram 1982


Fujita, R. & Jordan, R.W. (2017). Tropical Parmales (Boilidophyceae) assemblages from the Sulu Sea and South China Sea, including the description of five new taxa. Phycologia, 56(5): 499-509. GS

Stradner, H. & Allram, F. (1982). Notes on an enigmatic siliceous cyst, Middle America Trench, Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 490. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, 66: 641-642. GS


Tetraparma silverae compiled by Jeremy R. Young viewed: 16-6-2019

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