Uniplanarius trifidus

Classification: Mesozoic -> Braarudosphaerales -> Polycyclolithaceae -> Uniplanarius -> Uniplanarius trifidus
Sister taxa: U. clarkei, U. gothicus, U. sissinghii, U. trifidus, U. sp.,

Distinguishing features: Uniplanarius with three rays.


Citation: Uniplanarius trifidus (Stradner in Stradner & Papp, 1961) Hattner & Wise, in Wind & Wise 1983
Rank: Species
Basionym: Tetralithus trifidus Stradner in Stradner & Papp 1961
Synonyms: Quadrum trifidum (Stradner In Stradner & Papp 1961) Prins & Perch-Nielsen in Manivit et al. 1977
Tetralithus gothicus forma trifida (Stradner) Stradner, 1963
Tetralithus nitidus trifidus ? Marthasterites tenuis Shumenko 1976
Notes & discussion: The combination was initially proposed in Hattner & Wise 1980 but the original publication was not cited directly hence the proposal was technically invalid and so was proposed again, validly, in  Wind & Wise 1983

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Tetralithus trifidus * , Tetralithus gothicus trifidus * , Marthasterites tenuis *

Distinguishing features: Uniplanarius with three rays.

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): in upper part of UC17 zone (80% up, 71.2Ma, in Maastrichtian stage). Data source: Burnett 1998, fig 6.6
First occurrence (base): at base of UC15d subzone (0% up, 76.8Ma, in Campanian stage). Data source: Burnett 1998 (subzonal marker)

Plot of occurrence data:

  • Histogram - Neptune occurrence data from DSDP and ODP proceedings. Pale shading <50 samples in time bin. Interpret with caution & read these notes
  • Note to users in China - the diagram may not plot unless you use a VPN since I use google services on the website. If this is a problem please contact me 谢谢.
  • Taxon plotted: Uniplanarius trifidus, synonyms included - Quadrum trifidum; Quadrum trifidum (short arms); Tetralithus gothicus trifidus; Tetralithus nitidus trifidus; Tetralithus trifidus; Uniplanarius trifidus; Uniplanarius trifidus long-rayed form; Uniplanarius trifidus medium-rayed form; Uniplanarius trifidus short-rayed form;
  • space-time plot :: Samples map :: Parent: Uniplanarius


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    Uniplanarius trifidus compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 15-12-2019

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