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Archaeoglobigerina bosquensis

Citation: Archaeoglobigerina bosquensis Pessagno 1967
Rank: Species
Type locality: From sample TX226, taken at 107 above the level of the South Bosque River, Lovers Leap, Cameron Park, Waco, McLennan County, TX.
Type level: Santonian (Austinian), Marginotruncana concavata Subzone, Austin Chalk
Holotype Repository: USNM
Holotype number: 689281

Linked specimens: USNM-689280 USNM-689281

Current identification/main database link: Archaeoglobigerina bosquensis Pessagno 1967

Original Description
"Test coiled in relatively high trochospiral coil; 6-7 chambers in last whorl. Coiling sinistral or dextral with no preferences insofar as known. Chambers spherical in shape about as wide as long; tending to shift toward the umbilicus with coiling. Sutures curved, radial, depressed both spirally and umbilically. Umbilicus deep and of moderate to small size. Early chambers of last whorl somewhat rugose. Keels, imperforate peripheral bands lacking in specimens thus far encountered. Primary aperture interiomarginal, umbilical in position; no evidence of tegilla due to unfavorable conditions of preservation in Austin chalk. Outer wall radial hyaline perforate; septal walls microgranular hyaline, finely perforate."


Pessagno, E.A., Jr., (1967). Upper Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera from the western Gulf Coastal Plain. Palaeontographica Americana, 5: 245-445.


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