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Bandyus relizensis extraumbilicatus

Citation: Bandyus relizensis subsp. extraumbilicatus Fordham 1986
Rank: sub-species
Type locality: DSDP 208-21-3 73-75 cm.
Type level: Orbulina suturalis zone; lower-middle Miocene.
Holotype Repository: Brisbane, Australia; U Queensland Univ.
Holotype number: UQF 71320.

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Original Description
Moderate in size, robust; low dextral trochospire, tight parallel and perpendicular to axis. Equatorial outline weakly lobate; lateral outline oval. Chambers globular, moderately appressed, at least 10 in total, 4 in final whorl; increase moderate and regular throughout. Dorsal view: chambers slightly longer concentrically, barely inflated; sutures flush; intercameral sutures radial. Ventral view: chambers inflated; intercameral sutures radial, meet at tight umbilicus; aperture umbilical--extraumbilical, low. Lateral view: smoothly rounded. Wall coarsely and deeply cancellate.

Size: Length, 165 µm; width 145 µm; height, 115 µm.

Etymology: Latin, extra, on the outside, beyond; umbilicus (m.), navel; -atus, pertaining to.

Extra details from original publication
Description based on: Five specimens.
Holotype fig.: Fordham 1986 Pl. 3, fig. 40.


Fordham, B.G., (1986). Miocene-Pleistocene planktic foraminifers from D.S.D.P. Sites 208 and 77, and phylogeny and classification of Cenozoic species. Evolutionary Monographs, 6, Queensland, Australia, 224 pp.


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