CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Blefuscuiana speetonensis tunisiensis BouDagher-Fadel 1995

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Blefuscuiana speetonensis tunisiensis

Citation: Blefuscuiana speetonensis tunisiensis BouDagher-Fadel 1995
Rank: sub-species
Type locality: Beauvoir-VI Well, Tunisia.
Holotype Repository: London, UK; NHM

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella tunisiensis (Boudagher-Fadel, 1995)

Original Description
Test about 0.28 mm in diameter, a low trochospire with five to six chambers in the last whorl. The spiral side is almost completely involute and concave. Last three chambers show a beginning of asymmetry, highests in their posterior part. The sutures are depressed, curved on the spiral side and virtually radial on the umbilical side. The aperture is a low arch, has a porticus throughout its length, broadest posteriorly. The surface of the test is smooth, microperforate except for the umbilical shoulders, which may be imperforate.


BouDagher-Fadel, M.K., (1995). The planktonic Foraminifera of the Early Cretaceous of Tunisia compared to those of western and central Tethys. Paleopelagos, 5: 137-159.


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