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Hantkenina danvillensis

Citation: Hantkenina danvillensis Howe & Wallace 1934
Rank: Species
Type locality: Danville Landing on the Ouachita River, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, U. S. A.
Type age: Eocene. Jackson.
Holotype Repository: Baton Rouge; Louisiana State University Museum,Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U. S. A., No. 599

Current identification/main database link: Cribrohantkenina inflata Howe 1928

Original Description
Test planispiral, bilaterally symmetrical; periphery lobate; chambers inflated, five in the last coil, each provided with a long hollow spine, located on the periphery near the contact with the next younger chamber; wall smooth, calcareous, finely perforate; aperture an elliptical opening at the base of the last chamber, above whichis an elaborate supplementary apertural plate out of which extend four tubular openings which are round or elliptical in shape. 

Size: Diameter without spines, 0.55 mm

Etymology: From the location Danville Landing

Extra details from original publication
This species differs from H. alabamensis in the character of its aperture and in possessing more inflated chambers. It differs from H. mccordi in possessing much more elongated spines.


Howe, H. V. & Wallace, W. E. (1934). Apertural characteristics of the genus Hantkenina, with description of a new species. Journal of Paleontology. 8(1): 35-37. gs


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