Globigerinita glutinata

Classification: pf_neogene -> Candeinidae -> Globigerinita -> Globigerinita glutinata
Sister taxa: G. glutinata, G. parkerae, G. minuta, G. uvula, G. sp.,

Distinguishing features: Low trochospire


Citation: Globigerinita glutinata (Egger, 1893)
Rank: species
Basionym: Globigerina glutinata
  • Globigerinita naparimaensis Bronnimann [according to Akers and Dorman 1964; Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]
  • Globigerinita incrusta Akers [according to Akers and Dorman 1964; Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]
  • Tinophodella ambitacrena Loeblich and Tappan [according to Akers and Dorman 1964; Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]
  • Globigerina juvenilis Bolli [according to Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]
Taxonomic discussion: This species shows a wide range of variation in the development of umbilical bulla, from a completely nonbullate Ga. glutinata morphotype (PI. 56, Fig. 3) to a bullate Ga. ambitacrena morphotype (PI. 56, Fig. 4). Variation between these two extreme morphotypes within single samples shows that they are a single species.

Catalog entries: Globigerina glutinata;
Globigerina juvenilis;
Globigerinita incrusta;
Globigerinita naparimaensis;
Tinophodella ambitacrena;

Type images:

Distinguishing features: Low trochospire

NB The short diagnoses are used in the tables of daughter-taxa to act as quick summaries of the differences between e.g. species of one genus. They have initially been copied from the diagnostic characters/distinguishing features sections of the Eocene and Paleocene Atlases, they will be edited as the site is developed.


Test morphology: Test small, low to medium trochospiral, equatorial periphery lobulate, chambers spherical to subglobular, 3 to 4 in the final whorl, increasing rapidly in size; sutures nearly radial, depressed; surface smooth with irregularly distributed fine per- forations largely covered by small, subconical tubercles or crystallites; primary aperture interiomarginal, umbilical, a low arch with a thin lip (PI. 56, Fig. 3). In some individuals covered by an irregular bulla expanding along the earlier sutures with numerous infralaminal supplementary apertures bordered by tiny arched or tubulose openings (PI. 56, Figs. 1,4). [Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]

Size: >150µm

Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Geographic distribution: Tropical to subpolar [Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]

In modern oceans an abundant, warm & temperate water, species [SCOR WG138]

Phylogenetic relations: Ga. glutinata is closely related to Ga. uvula but is larger and less trochospiral. Ga. glutinata is one of the long-ranging planktonic foraminiferal species in the Neogene and is ancestral to Globigerinatella and Candeina. [Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]

Molecular Genotypes (data from PFR2 database, June 2017). References:  André et al. 2014; Ujiié & Lipps 2009; Seears et al. 2012.

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: present in the plankton (SCOR WG138)
First occurrence (base): within P22 zone (23.50-26.93Ma, base in Chattian stage). Data source: Kennett & Srinivasan 1983

Plot of occurrence data:

Primary source for this page: Kennett & Srinivasan 1983, p.224


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