Globigerinita parkerae

Classification: pf_neogene -> Candeinidae -> Globigerinita -> Globigerinita parkerae
Sister taxa: G. glutinata, G. minuta, G. parkerae, G. uvula, G. sp.,


Citation: Globigerinita parkerae (Bermudez 1961)
Rank: species
Basionym: Globigerinoides parkerae Bermudez 1961
Synonyms: Globigerinita flparkerae Bronnimann & Resig 1971

Catalog entries: Globigerinoides parkerae;

Type images:

NB The short diagnoses are used in the tables of daughter-taxa to act as quick summaries of the differences between e.g. species of one genus. They have initially been copied from the diagnostic characters/distinguishing features sections of the Eocene and Paleocene Atlases, they will be edited as the site is developed.


Test morphology: Test distinctly trochospiral , equatorial periphery lobulate; chambers spherical to ovate; 3 to 4 chambers of the final whorl, increasing rapidly in size; sutures slightly curved to radial, depressed; surface smooth, very finely perforate, largely covered with crystallites or small, subconia! tubercles; umbilicus deep , primary aperture umbilical, a rather low arch bordered by a thin lip , rounded supplementary apertures on the spiral sutures of the final chamber, bordered by thin lips. [Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]

Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Geographic distribution: Tropical. [Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]

Phylogenetic relations: Ga. parkerae is distinguished from Ga. glutinata by the presence of supplementary apertures on the spiral side. Ga. parkerae developed from Ga. glutinata in the Middle Miocene.
This species appears to be ancestral to Candeina nitida. [Kennett & Srinivasan 1983]

Most likely ancestor: Globigerinita glutinata - at confidence level 3 (out of 5). Data source: Kennett & Srinivasan 1983, fig 25.

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: described as extant by Kennett & Srinivasan but not recognised by WG138
First occurrence (base): within N13 zone (11.63-11.79Ma, base in Serravallian stage). Data source: Kennett & Srinivasan 1983

Plot of occurrence data:

Primary source for this page: Kennett & Srinivisan 1983, p.226


Bermudez, P.J., (1961). Contribucion al estudio de las Globigerinidea de la region Caribe-Antillana (Paleoceno-Reciente). Mem. III Congreso Geol. Venez. Editorial Sucre, Caracas, 1119-1393 pp.


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