Mesozoic Planktonic Foraminifera

Classification: pf_mesozoic
Sister taxa:
Daughter taxa: (blue => in age window 0-800Ma) Granddaughter taxa
Early stage trochospiral, triserial, or biserial, later may show serial reduction or proliferation.

Aperture symmetrical, ranging from a low slit to a high arch at the base of the final chamber, becoming terminal in uniserial taxa.

Test planispiral, biumbilicate, periphery carinate, sutures strongly arched; aperture a low equatorial opening.

Test planispiral, chambers globular to radially elongate; aperture at the base of the chamber face and equatorial in position, lateral portions of primary aperture may remain open as new chambers are added, forming relict openings around the umbilical region.

Test trochospiral to nearly planispiral, chambers with one or more hollow tubulospines; aperture equatorial and may have broad lip.

trochospiral (in sequence of increasing complexity)
Small (<200µm), microperforate wall, 3-4 globose chambers in final wall, aperture umbilical

Test trochospirally coiled, chambers inflated, rounded to ovate; wall cancellate, with abundantly perforated fields bordered by imperforate ridges; primary aperture umbilical to slightly extraumbilical, with an imperforate lip; umbilicus narrow to wide and deep, margin noncarinate.

Globigerinacea with trochspiral tests, in which the primary aperture is intraumblical or intraumbilical-extraumbilical and which possess a microperforate wall lacking muricae, crystallite pustules, or spine bases; differs from the Favusellacea in its lack of muricae (and in possessing a calcitic test) and from the Schackoinidae in not becoming planispiral.

Test trochospirally coiled, primary aperture interiomarginal, extraumbilical-umbilical, with prominent apertural lip, apertures of earlier chambers remain visible around the umbilical region; no sutural secondary apertures.

Test trochospiral, chambers inflated, periphery rounded, not carinate; wall with pustules, costellae, or other rugosities; aperture umbilical, with portici or tegilla.

Test trochospirally enrolled, primary aperture umbilical-extraumbilical in position and with bordering lip, secondary sutural apertures on umbilical side open into posterior edge of chambers.

Test trochospiral, chambers angular, periphery truncate or carinate; primary aperture umbilical, covered by a spiral system of tegilla that is provided with accessory intralaminal and infralaminal apertures.


Citation: Mesozoic Planktonic Foraminifera

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Chengjie Liu (Houston, US)

It seems something is wrong with the Mesozoic part of the planktonic foram data, when I click a link to a Mesozoic taxon, the following message will occur. Any additional click will repeat the same message once more. Thanks for checking on this.


Error: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'nannotax_mikrotax.YES' doesn't existarrayname: sessionpr Array

Jeremy Young (Tonbridge, UK)

Thank you for pointing that out - yes there was a database glitch here, it has been fixed now.


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