Ventilabrella ornatissima

Classification: pf_mesozoic -> Heterohelicidae -> Ventilabrella -> Ventilabrella ornatissima
Sister taxa: V. austinana, V. eggeri, V. ornatissima, V. sp.,


Citation: Ventilabrella ornatissima Cushman and Church, 1929
Rank: species
Basionym: (?) Ventilabrella ornatissima Cushman and Church, 1929
Taxonomic discussion: Has been considered to be a junior synonym of Gublerina cuvillieri Kikoine 1948 but now considerd a discrete species (Georgescu et al. 2009).

Type images:

Original description: "Test compressed, all chambers in one plane, subglobular, the early ones biserial, later ones spreading out irregularly, sides in the adult nearly parallel, periphery rounded; sutures distinct, somewhat depressed; wall calcareous, perforate, the earlier ones ornamented by longitudinal costae, each somewhat beaded; aperture in the adult irregular, near the base of the chamber."

Entries in the Catalog of original descriptions: Ventilabrella ornatissima

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Maastrichtian Stage (66.04-72.05Ma, top in Maastrichtian stage). Data source: [copied from Chronos database]
First occurrence (base): within Campanian Stage (72.05-83.64Ma, base in Campanian stage). Data source: [copied from Chronos database]

Plot of occurrence data:

Dec 2017 - Plotting of Neptune data has been re-enabled on the Mesozoic pages following revision of the age-models in Neptune. The data is, however, still very sparse for the Early Cretaceous

  • (NB There is no histogram as there are no occurrence records for the taxon in the Neptune database) Parent: Ventilabrella

    Character matrix

    test outline:Subtriangularchamber arrangement:Multiserialedge view:Compressedaperture:Multiple
    sp chamber shape:Inflatedcoiling axis:N/Aperiphery:N/Aaperture border:Thin flange
    umb chbr shape:Inflatedumbilicus:N/Aperiph margin shape:Broadly roundedaccessory apertures:N/A
    spiral sutures:Moderately depressedumb depth:N/Awall texture:Finely costateshell porosity:-
    umbilical or test sutures:Moderately depressedfinal-whorl chambers:0.0-0.0 N.B. These characters are used for advanced search. N/A - not applicable


    Cushman, J. A. & Church, C. C. (1929). Some Upper Cretaceous foraminifera from near Coalinga, California. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. 18(16): 497-530. gs :: ::

    Georgescu, M. D., Saupe, E. E. & Huber, B. T. (2009). Morphometric and stratophenetic basis for phylogeny and taxonomy in Late Cretaceous gublerinid planktonic foraminifera. Micropaleontology. 54(5): 397-424. gs :: ::


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