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Globorotalia decorata

Citation: Globorotalia decorata Cushman & Todd 1948
Rank: Species
Type locality: A road cut in a small stream valley about 0.23 mi. from the Shannon Road junction on a small secondary road which trends southwesterly from Shannon Road at a point 0.7 mi. west of Guadalupe Creek, in the southwest quarter of sec. 24, T. 8 S., R. 1 W., Mt. Diablo meridian, New Almaden district, Santa Clara Co., California
Type age: Cretaceous? [probably Albian]
Holotype Repository: USNM
Type & figured specimens: Pl. 16, fig. 21. Holotype (Cushman Coll. No. 58513)

Linked specimens: USNM-58512 USNM-58513 USNM-370102

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Original Description
Test trochoid, composed of about 2 whorls, spire slightly elevated, umbilicus large and open, periphery angled and slightly keeled, slightly lobulated; chambers few, 6 to 8 in the last-formed whorl, indistinct, not inflated, very slightly increasing in size as added; sutures distinct, limbate, distinctly raised and curved on the dorsal side, incised and radial on the ventral side; wall finely spinose but otherwise unornamented except by the limbate sutures; aperture under the edge of the last-formed chamber, opening into the umbilicus, protected by a slight lip.

Size: Diameter 0.50-0.60 mm.; thickness 0.20-0.25 mm.

Extra details from original publication
 This species differs from G. californiica n. sp. chiefly in the raised, limbate sutures on the dorsal side and also in its somewhat less elevated spire, although that seems to be a variable feature in both species. In its limbate and raised sutures this species makes one think of Globotruncana canaliculata (Reuss) but it has no trace of a secondary keel, and so belongs in Globorotalia. It occurs commonly.

Editors' Notes
The type material is probably Albian in age [comment from Chronos website]


Cushman, J. A. & Todd, R. (1948). A foraminiferal fauna from the New Almaden district, California. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 24: 90-98. gs


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