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Acarinina pentacamerata camerata

Citation: Acarinina pentacamerata var. camerata Khalilov 1956
Rank: Variety
Type locality: Holotype from the northeastern Azerbaidzhan SSR. Found also in the foothills of the Maly Caucasus, Nakhichevan A.S.S.R., and in the Maly Balkhan, Turkmen S.S.R.
Type age: Lower Eocene
Holotype Repository: Baku; Geological Institute, Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan
Type & figured specimens: 248

Current identification/main database link: Acarinina pentacamerata (Subbotina 1947)

Original Description
[Translation from the Russian] - Test bilaterally inflated. Dorsally, there are three whorls, with five chambers in each. Ventrally, around the broad and deep umbilicus there are six oval chambers, which are elongate at the periphery. Test rounded, Globigerina-like, periphery broadly lobate. Dorsal side inflated; following the initial round chamber, there are five small chainlike chambers; in the second whorl there are five semispherical chambers, and in the third whorl five large elongate chambers. Ventrally, the broad deep umbilical region is surrounded by the five chambers of the last whorl. Septal sutures narrow, straight, most depressed in the last whorl. Aperture slitlike, in the last chamber, opening onto the umbilical region. Wall calcareous, porous, with well expressed spines between the pores. Diameter 0.35 mm.; thickness 0.28 mm. Comparison - The present form, in its exterior outline and the character of chambers of the last whorl, is similar to Acarinina pentacamerata (Subbotina) [Globorotalia pentacamerata, 1947], from the middle Eocene of the Northern Caucasus. Our variety differs from the typical form in the larger number of chambers in the first whorl, and in the considerable inflation of the dorsal side. The essential distinctive feature of the new variety is the presence of three complete whorls; in regard to the inflation of the dorsal side, this somewhat decreases in stratigraphically younger deposits. The same is true of the last whorl, which sometimes has five, sometimes six, chambers, the last one varying considerably in size.


Khalilov, D. M. (1956). 0 pelagicheskoy faune foraminifer Paleogenovykh otlozheniy Azerbaydzhana [Pelagic Foraminifera of the Paleogene Deposits of the Azerbaizhan SSR]. Trudy Instituta Geologii, Akademiya Nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR. 17: 234-255. gs :: ::


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