CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Acarinina praecursoria Morozova 1957

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Acarinina praecursoria

Citation: Acarinina praecursoria Morozova 1957
Rank: species
Type locality: Holtype from along the Khokodz River, in the northern Caucasus; and found also in the Crimea and along the Mangyshlak Peninsula; all in the USSR.
Type age: Danian
Holotype Repository: Moscow, Inst. of Geol. Sci. of the Academy of Sciences

Current identification/main database link: Praemurica inconstans (Subbotina 1953)

Original Description

Test with a flat or weakly inflated  spiral side and a convex umbilical side; umbilicus narrow, outer margin initially angular later rounded. There are two whorls, the last one with 5½ to 7 inflated chambers. Sutures depressed, arcuately curved on the spiral side, straight on the umbilical side. Aperture slitlike, opeing into the umibilcus, wall thin, cancellate hispid; spinosity coarsest at the umbilica ends of the chambers and at the periphery of the test. This species differs from Acarinina carinata Subbotina in the less compatct arrangement of the chambers and their greater number per whorl. This species is tranisitonal between the genera Globigerina and Acarinina and in all probabilty originated from Globigerina cretacea d'Orbigny.


Size: Maximum diameter 0.64-0.44mm; minimum diameter 0.49-0.37mm; height 0.32-0.27mm


Morozova, V. G. (1957). On the Foraminiferal superfamily Globigerinidea, nov. and some of its representatives (in Russian). Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR. 114(5): 1109-1112. gs :: ::


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