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Acarinina proxima

Citation: Acarinina proxima Pishvanova 1964
Rank: Species
Type locality: Novitsa borehole, Ciscarpathians, Ukraine, USSR.
Type age: Burdigalian. Stebnik Formation: almost always present there.
Holotype Repository: Kiev: Ukrainian Scientific-Research Geological-Prospecting Institute, Kiev, USSR;
Type & figured specimens: pl. 3, fig. 3a-c, holotype: holotype (fig. 3a-c) no 407.

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Original Description
[Translation from the Russian. - Test conical, consists of 2.5 whorls. Dorsal side flattened. ventral side conical with a broad, deep umbilicus. Umbilical ends of chambers rounded and elevated. Peripheral margin bluntly rounded, slightly undulate, keelless.

[In the last whorl there are four gradually enlarging and tightly appressed chambers. On the dorsal side the chambers are semicircular with rounded ends; each chamber on this side sllghtly overlaps its predecessor at its initial end.

[Chambers on ventral side triangular with rounded margins and a convex outer surface. Chamber width in last whorl gradually increases. Septal sutures on dorsal side distinct, depressed, slightly curved in the direction of coiling. Sutures on ventral side strongly depressed, form an oblique cross. Aperture simple, slitlike, lies along the marginal suture - wall finely perforate, finely spinose.

Size: Greatest diameter 0.29 mm., least diameter 0.24 mm., thickness 0.14 mm.

Extra details from original publication
[Variation in this species is expressed in the test dimensions and the degree of thickening of the dorsal side; as a rule the test has a flattened dorsal side but in some specimens the dorsal side is slightly convex.

[Consistent features are: four chambers. compactly arranged, in the last whorl, gradual increase in chamber size as they are added, presence of a deep umbilicus on the ventral side. and the small spines of the test. These characteristics differentiate this species from Globorotalia crassaformis (Galloway and Wissler) [Globigerina crassarormis. 1927] described by Subbotina (1953, Leningrad: Vses. Neft. Nauchno-Issled. Geoi.-Razved. Inst. (VNIGRI), Trudy, n. ser., vypusk 76, p. 223. 224. pl. 21. figs. 1-7. as Acarinina crassaformis) from the foraminifera layers (Paleocene-Lower Eocene) of the North Caucasus. In the latter the number of chambers is four-five, they are about the same shape, and less tightly appressed. Sometimes there is no umbilicus. and the test wall bears short tubercle-like spines.

Editors' Notes
Probably not a species of Acarinina (which went extinct in Paleogene)


Pishvanova, L. S. (1964). On analogues of the Caucasian Maikop deposits in the Ciscarpathians [in Russian]. In, Vyalov, O. S. (ed.) Maikop deposits and their temporal analogues in the Ukraine and Central Asia [in Russian],. Naukova Dumka, Kiev -. gs :: ::


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