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Anomalina luxorensis

Citation: Anomalina luxorensis Nakkady 1950
Rank: Species
Type locality: sample Dar. 231 at Abu Durba

Linked specimens: London, UK; NHM (PM PF 41697) London, UK; NHM (PM P 41697)

Current identification/main database link: Globanomalina luxorensis (Nakkady 1950)

Original Description
Test almost equally biconvex, wall clearly perforate, periphery broadly rounded, lobulated, umbilical region deeply depressed. All chambers visible from the dorsal side, wich shows two whorls with six to seven chambers in the last whorl. Chambers increase very rapidly in size as added, the last two forming about half the test. Sutures very distinct, depressed. Aperture a large opening situated in the median line at base of last formed chamber.

Size: Length of holotype, 0.25 mm; thickness, 0.15 mm.; breadth, 0.20 mm.

Extra details from original publication
This species is very similar to A. subbadensis Pijpers, but the chambers are more inflated, the last chamber is invariably large and rounded, and the aperture is characteristically large and arched, whereas it is indistinct in the other species.

This species has been found in four sections. It is best represented and flooding in the top shale sample at Abu Durba. Elsewhere it is rare to frequent. It has not been found at Wadi Danili.


Nakkady, S. E. (1950). A new foraminiferal fauna from the Esna shales and Upper Cretaceous chalk of Egypt. Journal of Paleontology. 24(6): 675-692. gs :: ::


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Le Coze

You are certainly right but we do not refer to the same publication?

Jeremy Young (UK)

Thanks, but actually it looks like I was completely wrong and the 1951 was a typo, corrected now.


Le Coze

Published in 1950 not 1951

ref: Nakkady, S. E. (1950). A new foraminiferal fauna from the Esna shales and Upper Cretaceous chalk of Egypt. Journal of Paleontology. 24: 675-692.

page(s): p. 691 pl. 90 fig. 39-41

Jeremy Young (UK)

this is a case where the cover date (1950) is wrong and the journal was published eaely in the next year (1951)

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