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Daughter taxa: (blue => in age window 0-800Ma)
= Microhedbergella albiana
= Blefuscuiana depressa
= Blefuscuiana implana
= Hedbergella aptiana
= Blefuscuiana daminiae
= Blefuscuiana cumulus
= Hedbergella occulta
= Hedbergella hexacamerata
= Hedbergella kuznetsovae
not figured = Blefuscuiana laculata
= Blefuscuiana alobata
= Blefuscuiana laculata
= Hedbergella mitra
= Hedbergella occulta

= Hedbergella occulta

= Hedbergella speetonensis
= Hedbergella tunisiensis


Citation: Blefuscuiana Banner & Desai 1988
Rank: Genus
Type species: Blefuscuiana kuznetsovae Banner & Desai, 1988.

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella Bronnimann and Brown 1958

See also: Blefuscuiana kuznetsovae - type species;Lilliputianella - closely related form;

Original Description
Test a low trochospiral of two or more whorls, typically with six or seven chambers in the final whorl, but there may be as few as five or as many as eight. The chambers are subglobular or depressed, reniform or ovoid; they are not radially elongate; spiral side evolute, umbilical side partly involute; aperture intra-extraumbilical, reaching to or even slightly over the periphery of the earlier whorl; the aperture possesses a porticus, of uniform breadth throughout or broadest posteriorly; relict apertures and portici are usually visible in the umbilical parts of the chambers of about half of the last whorl. The wall is microperforate and its surface is smooth, lacking muricae.

Etymology: Blefuscuiana is named in distinction from Lilliputianella n. gen. and derives its name from the miniature ovoids of Blefuscu (Swift, 1726) which were displayed at their bluntly rounded ends. [Swift, J., 1726. Travels into several remote nations of the world, Part 1, Chapter 4. Benjamin Motte, London. - better known as Gulliver's Travels. The inhabitants of Lilliput and Blefuscu are in dispute over which way up boiled eggs shoud be served: compiler's note JRY 2017]

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. Any examination of the stratigraphic record will show that planktonic assemblages older than Albian are characterised by a diversity of hedbergellid- like species which are small and microperforate and smooth, in contrast to the assemblages of species of true Hedbergella, especially in Albian and younger Cretaceous strata (e.g. Plate 3, figs. 6-9) which are macroperforate and distinctly muricate over much or all of their test surface. Topotype specimens of Hedbergella trochoidea (Gandolfi) (Longoria, 1974. pl. 17; Masters, 1977, pl. 25) illustrate that the type species of Hedbergella Bronnimann and Brown possesses perforations of 4-8 µm in external diameter, whereas species of Blefuscuiana have comparable diameters in the 0.8 µm-1.6 µm range. The macroperforations of Hedbergella, like its muricae, can be seen clearly with a good stereo-microscope and the microperforations of Blefuscuiana cannot. Of course, these characters can be seen only in clean specimens and those which have not been diagenetically altered: e.g. Hedbergella planispira Tappan, as illustrated by Michael (1972, pl. 2, figs. 10-12) has chamber surfaces obscured by a smooth calcareous, secondary deposit from the calcareous mudstones of marls of the Duck Creek Formation matrix, whereas clean specimens from the Grayson (e.g. Masters, 1977, pl. 24 fig. 3) and from the Del Rio (Plate 3, figs. 8-9) show the muricae and perforations clearly.


Banner, F. T. & Desai, D. (1988). A review and revision of the Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Globigerinina,with especial reference to the Aptian assemblages of Speeton (North Yorkshire, England). Journal of Micropalaeontology. 7: 143-185. gs :: ::


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