CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Blowiella Kretchmar & Gorbachik, in Gorbachik 1971

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Citation: Blowiella Kretchmar & Gorbachik, in Gorbachik 1971
Rank: Genus
Type species: Planomalina blowi Bolli 1959

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See also: Planomalina blowi - type species;

Original Description
Translation from the Riussian -.Teet planispiral sometimes silghtly asymmetric, more or less involute. PeripheraI margin broadly rountded. Septal sutures depressed. Aperture silmple interiomarginal. equatorial. slit-shaped or arcuate. With a spatulate lip. When a new chamber is added the spatulate lip is completely over. Wall. possibly, primariIy unilamellar secondarily barely noticeably thickens finely perforate:

Extra details from original publication
Species composition: Up to now two species - Blowiella blowi and B. saundersi - are known from the Aptian of Trinidad. western Europe and the USSR. Both species are found in the Upper Aptian of the Crimea.

Comparison. - The genus Blowiella differs from Planomalina, from which it is separated, and from Globigerinelloides by the absence of a multilamellar secondary thickening of the wall, the absence of septal growth layers, and, possibly, by the primary structural type of the wall. From the genus Leupoldina it differs by the absence of elongated club-shaped outgrowths on the peripheral margin and by the presence of septa between the last chambers (Gorbachik & Krechmar 1970). From the genus Clavihedbergella if differs by the planispriral structure of the test.


Gorbachik, T. N. (1971). О раннемеловых фораминиферах Крыма [On Early Cretaceous Foraminifers of the Crimea]. Voprosy Mikropaleontologii. 14: 125-139. gs


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