CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Clavihedbergella globulifera Kretschmar and Gorbachik in Gorbachik 1971

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Clavihedbergella globulifera

Citation: Clavihedbergella globulifera Kretschmar and Gorbachik in Gorbachik 1971
Rank: Species
Type age: Aptian
Type & figured specimens: Табл. X, фиг. 4; Голотип —МГУ, Геологический факультет, No 121—72; нижний мел, верхний апт; Крым, р. Альма.
Description on pages: 16

Current identification/main database link: Muricohedbergella delrioensis (Carsey, 1926)

Original Description
Test small (greater diameter up to 0.28 mm.), with a low spire, left- or right-coiling. Spiral side of the test flat or slightly concave, umbilical side always concave. Test outline from rounded to oval, lobate. Peripheral margin broadly rounded. In mature forms two whorls are observed, in the first of which there are 5-5.5 chambers, and in the second 5.5-7. The proloculus and the chambers in the first whorl are spherical. Later chambers are oval in outline on the spiral side. Chambers uniformly increase in size. Septal sutures straight, depressed. Umbilicus broad and deep. Aperture bordered by a short lip. Spatulate lips are incompletely covered over when a new chamber is added, their ends can be seen between the last two or three chambers. Wall thin, finely perforate, possibly primarily unilamellar. Test surface smooth. Microspheric and megalospheric forms are observed.

Etymology: Название вида от globus лат.—шар и feiio лат.—носить.

Extra details from original publication
Изменчивость проявляется в колебании размеров раковин (Дi от 0,19 до 0,28, Д2от 0,14 до 0,25, Т от 0,8 до 0,15, Д1/Д2 от 1,1 до 1,3).

Сравнение . Описанный вид отличается от С. bizonae (Chevalier) и С. subcretacea (Таррап) отсутствием удлиненных камер.

Распространение и возраст. Нижний мел, апт Крыма. Материал . Более 200 экземпляров из аптских отложений Крыма (реки Кача и Альма, Симферополь, с. Курское и др.).


Gorbachik, T. N. (1971). О раннемеловых фораминиферах Крыма [On Early Cretaceous Foraminifers of the Crimea]. Voprosyi Mikropaleontologii. 14: 125-139. gs


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Le Coze

ref.: Gorbachik, T. N. (1971). О раннемеловых фораминиферах Крыма-On Early Cretaceous Foraminifers of the Crimea. Академия наук СССР Вопросы микропалеонтологии-Academy of Sciences USSR Questions of Micropaleontology. 14: 125–139., available online at

page(s): p. 136 pl. 10 fig. 1

Jeremy Young (UK)

thanks - corrected now. Jeremy

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