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Globigerina depressa d’Orbigny

Citation: Globigerina? depressa d’Orbigny, in Fornasini 1903
Rank: species
Type locality: Not given.
Type age: Not given.
Type sample and level: Dans une sable délestage.
Holotype Repository: Depository not given.

Current identification/main database link:

Original Description
d'Orbigny 1826 - no description given

La pretesa Gl. depressa non è, probabilmente, una globigerina. Il grado notevole di generale depressione, il tenue rigonfiamento de le camere, la forte curvatura di queste, su la faccia iniziale, inducono a ritenerla piuttosto una rotalina. E deplorevole che, nel disegnare questa ed altre specie, d'Orbigny non abbia riprodotto il carattere di perforazione del nicchio, che ha tanta importanza per la determinazione generica de le globigerine e de le rotaline. [Fornasini 1903]

Extra details from original publication
Synyonym - Globigerina depressa d'Orbigny, 1826, Ann. Sci. Nat., vol. VII, pag. 277, 9 [nom. nud.].

FROM Banner &  Blow (1960):
As the species Globigerina depressa d'Orbigny was without any taxonomic status in 1826, the first valid use of the name "Globigerina depressa"" was that by Ehrenberg (1844) for a species he described from the chalk of Greece. No reference was made by Ehrenberg to the work of d'Orbigny and the species G. depressa Ehrenberg 1844 was clearly new and is nominally valid. We are by Mr. R. V. Melville (Assistant Secretary to the I.C.Z.N.) that d'Orbigny's name had no status, even under the rules of homonymy. In 1903, Fornasini published a copy of d'Orbigny's previously unpublished drawing of G. depressa d'Orbigny and d'Orbigny's species dates from this year. G. depressa d'Orbigny 1903 is therefore clearly a junior homonym of Globigerina depressa Ehrenberg 1844.

In 1826, d'Orbigny stated nothing about the geographical provenance of his form but a single remaining specimen labelled ""Globigerina depressa d'Orbigny, (vivante), Ste. Helene"" is extant in the Alcide d'Orbigny collections in Paris. It is here illustrated (pI. 5, figs. 6a-c) for the sake of general interest and completeness of the record. It is considered that the form here illustrated is conspecific with Globorotalia scitula (Brady) (see p. 27, pI. 5, figs. Sa-c) but may be subspecifically distinct from Brady's type. This can only be fully decided when the range of variation of the form becomes better known and more specimens are found. Accordingly no new name is proposed for d'Orbigny's homonym."

Editors' Notes
Invalid - this is a junior homonym


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