CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinoides bannerblowi Popescu 1973

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Globigerinoides bannerblowi

Citation: Globigerinoides bannerblowi Popescu 1973
Rank: species
Type locality: [See Globigerina quadrilobata d'Orbigny, 1846.] Figured specimen from Succeag, Notelecului valley, Romania.
Type sample (& lithostrat): [See Globigerina quadrilobata d'Orbigny, 1846.] Figured specimen from the Middle Miocene, upper Langhian, Globorotalia (Turborotalia) bykovae Zone.
Type specimens: pl. 4, figs. 43-45, X 95.
Type repository: [See Globigerina quadrilobata d'Orbigny, 1846.]

Current identification/main database link: Trilobatus quadrilobatus (d’Orbigny, 1846)

Original Description
Giobigerinoides bannerblowi is a new name proposed for Globigerinoides quadrilobata Banner and Blow (non d'Orbigny) in Banner and Blow (1960, op. cit. , p. II [sic, p. 17])

Extra details from original publication
*[Junior synonym of Globigerina quadrilobata d'Orbigny, 1846. since the holotype of Popescu  and Cioflica's species is the lectotype selected from d'Orbigny's collection by Banner and Blow (loc. cit.). Although this lectotype was deemed inappropriate by several workers (Todd. 1961. Cushman Found. Foram. Res., Contr., vol. 12. pt. 4, pp. 12 1, 122: Bandy, 1964. Cushman Found. Foram. Res .. Contr .. val. 15, pt. I. pp. 36, 37: Jenkins. 1966, Cushman Found. Foram. Res .. Contr., val. 17, pt. I, pp. 1- 15: see also Popescu and Cionica. 1973, op. cit .. p. 195. discussion of Globigerina quadrilohata d'Orbigny) it was never set aside by action of the ICZN. N.B.: According to Banner (1985. British Micropalaeontologist, no. 27, p. 15) the lectotype is now lost.]


Popescu, G. (1973). Contributii la microbiostratigrafia miocenului mediu din nordul Transilvaniei. In, Popescu, G. & Cioflica, G. (eds) . Studii si Cercetari de Geologie Geofizica Geografie Seria Geologie. 18: 1-195. gs


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