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Globigerinoides subconglobatus subconglobatus

Citation: Globigerinoides subconglobatus var. subconglobatus Shutskaya 1958
Type age: Upper Eocene,
Type sample and level: Kerestinskiy horizon, underlying the Kuma Series
Holotype Repository: Depository not given
Type & figured specimens: pl. I,figs.4-11
Description on pages: 86

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Original Description
Test nearly spherical, formed by three spiral whorls, of which the first two make up a small portion of the test, the last whorl formed by three large, weakly inflated chambers tightly adhering to one another. The final chamber is usually smaller than the preceding one. Sutures weakly depressed. There are several apertures; on the dorsal side, they are in the form of small openings at the junctions of the chambers; on the ventral side there are usually two slitlike or arcuate openings at the base of the fmal chamber. The apertures are never gaping, even in the largest specimens (see fig. 10). Wall coarsely perforate.

Size: Dimensions: Average diameter ca. 0.50 mm, ca. 0.65 mm in large specimens.

Extra details from original publication
Variability and comparison. - Like Globigerinoides subconglobatus micra Shutskaya, the described species contains specimens deviating from the regular spherical f01m (see fig. 6); however, this feature has no bearing on the definition of the species. The basic specific characteristics, the weakly depressed sutures and the weakly inflated chambers, are persistent in all the several hundred specimens in our collection. The shape and the size of the apertures on the ventral side is more variable; they are slitlike (figs. 6, 8, 11) in some specimens, and arcuate (figs. 5, 7, 9) in others. The present species is closest to Globigerinoides conglobatus (Brady) from the Upper Eocene, Beloglinskiy horizon, from which it differs in some basic specific features.

[P . 88, under Globigerinoides conglobatus (Brady): The sharply depressed sutures and the strongly inflated chambers characterize this species and allow one to readily distinguish it from Globigerinoides subconglobatus [Shutskaya]. Among the more variable yet distinctive features of the species are the secondary diagnostic characteristics," the shapes of the apertures and of the test. In some specimens, the aperture is almost siitlike, which makes it close to Globigerinoides subconglobatus; in some others, the aperture is widely open, gaping, never present in Globigerinoides subconglobatus. In the shape of the test, individual specimens resemble Globigerinas, which is not the case with Globigerina subconglobatus.]

Editors' Notes

According to the Ellis & Messina catalog Shutskaya cited the species as Globigerinoides subconglobatus Chalilov var. subconglobata Chalilov (msc.). However, since Shutskaya (1958) provided the first published description the correct attribution is to that pulbication.

A holotype was not deisgnated but Bolli (1972) designated as lectotopye the specimen of fig 8.


Bolli, H. M. (1972b). The genus Globigerinatheka Bronnimann. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 2(3): 109-136. gs

Shutskaya, E. K. (1958). Variability in some lower Paleogene planktonic foraminifera from the northern Caucasus. Voprosyi Mikropaleontologii. 2: 86-. gs


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