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Globorotalia (Turborotalia) hansbollii

Citation: Globorotalia (Turborotalia) hansbollii Blow & Banner 1962
Rank: species
Type locality: From a core at a depth of 4434-4446 feet in Trinidad Leaseholds, Ltd.s well Guayaguayare 159, southeastern Trinidad (coordinates N:151361 links; E:554095 links), southern Trinidad.
Type age (chronostrat): Paleocene
Type sample (& lithostrat): lower Lizard Springs Formation, G. pseudomenardii Zone
Type specimens: Not given. [Bolli, 1957, pl. 19, figs. 19-21, holotype, spiral, side and umbilical views, X 100.] holotype (figs. 19-21), no. P. 5066.
Type repository: USMN

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Original Description
Bolli [see synonymy) noted that the taxon G vellascoensis Cushman var. compressa White 1928. was a homonym of G compressa Plummer 1926, and he therefore proposed the new name Globorotalia tortiva for White's species. However, as noted by Loeblich and Tappan 1957. U. S. Nat. Mus. Bull. no. 215. p. 184), the specimen illustrated by Bolli as G. tortiva was both specifically and generically distinct from the lectotype of White's species (and therefore of G. tortiva) which they had subsequently selected (Loeblich and Tappan. 1957, loc. cit.). As an appreciation of Bolli's original work on the Globigerinaceae, we propose the new name G. (Turborotalia) hansbollii for Bolli's illustrated form. The holotype of G. (T.) hansbollii is that specimen illustrated by Bolli (figs. 19-21) The diagnosis of the characters; of G (T) hansbollii has been published by Bolli as for the taxon G. tortiva.

Bolli, 1957 p. 78:
Shape of test very low trochospiral, spiral side almost flal, umbilical side strongly convex; equatorial periphery lobate, chambers give a quadrangular to pentagonal outline; axial periphery rounded to subangular. Wall calcareous, perforate, surface finely spinose. Chambers laterally strongly compressed, ten to twelve, arranged in two to two-and one-half whorls, the 4 to 4½ chambers of the last whorl increasing rapidly in size. Sutures on spiral side curved in early chambers, often straight. oblique between penultimate and ultimate chambers, depressed; on umbilical side radial or slightly curved, depressed. Umbilicus narrow, open. Aperture a high arch; interiomargmal, extraumbilical-umbilical. Coiling 85% dextral in the only sample investigatcd.

Size: Largest diameter of holotype 0.33 mm.

Extra details from original publication


Blow, W. H. & Banner, F. T. (1962). The mid-Tertiary (Upper Eocene to Aquitanian) Globigerinaceae. In, Eames, F. E. , Banner, F. T. , Blow, W. H. & Clarke, W. J. (eds) Fundamentals of mid-Tertiary Stratigraphical Correlation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 61-151. gs

Bolli, H. M. (1957d). The genera Globigerina and Globorotalia in the Paleocene-Lower Eocene Lizard Springs Formation of Trinidad. In, Loeblich, A. R. , Jr. , Tappan, H. , Beckmann, J. P. , Bolli, H. M. , Montanaro Gallitelli, E. & Troelsen, J. C. (eds) Studies in Foraminifera. U.S. National Museum Bulletin. 215: 61-82. gs V O


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