CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globorotalia (Turborotalia) humerosa praehumerosa Natori 1976

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Globorotalia (Turborotalia) humerosa praehumerosa

Citation: Globorotalia (Turborotalia) humerosa praehumerosa Natori 1976
Rank: species
Type locality: Naha-Chinen section, Okinawa-jima,
Type age (chronostrat): N20, Pliocene; Globorotalia (T.) humerosa humerosa to G. (T.) tosaensis Interval-zone. Yonabaru Formation of the Shimajiri Group
Type specimens: F 5899
Type repository: GSJ (Geological Survey of Japan)

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Original Description
Test low trochospiral. slightly convex on umbilical side, slightly convex to almost flat on spiral side, equatorial periphery lobate. axial periphery rounded; chambers subspherical. about 13 chambers arranged in about two and a half whorls. usually with five to five and a half in last whorl, chambers gradually increasing in size in last whorl. but last chamber frequently reduced in size compared to penultimate one; ratio of peripheral arc length of chamber to intercameral suture length between that chamber and preceding one on spiral side. 10: 3; sutures radial. depressed on spiral and umbilical sides; umbilicus wide and deep; aperture medium to high arch. with a narrow distinct lip. interiomarginal. umbilical-extraumbilical, apertural openings of preceding chambers often connected with last one to make a large channeled hollow; wall calcareous. thick. cancellate. surface granular in appearance; coiling of test mostly dextral.

Size: Maximum diameter of holotype, 0.46 mm.; maximum thickness. 0.2 mm

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This subspecies differs from Globorotalia (T.) humerosa humerosa Takayanagi and Saito in having fewer chambers in the last whorl, usually with five to five and a half chambers instead of more than six as in G. (T.) humerosa humerosa. The difference of number of chambers in the last whorl is better expressed in terms of the ratio of peripheral arc length of a chamber to the intercameral suture length between that chamber and the preceding one on the spiral side, and in G. (T.) humerosa praehumerosa n. subsp., this ratio is usually 10 : 3. whereas in G. (T.) humerosa humerosa the ratio is on the order of 10:5. This taxon also differs from G. (T.) acostaensis in having more chambers in the last whorl, instead of four and a half to five chambers as in G. (T.) acostaensis a wider and deeper umbilicus. and a higher arched aperture with wider opening.

Occurrence: Common.

Stratigraphic range: The uppermost part of the Globorotalia (T.) acostaensis to G. (G.) tumida plesiotumida Interval-zone to the G. (T.) tosaensis to G. (G.) truncatulinoides Interval-zone.


Natori, H. (1976). Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy and datum planes in the Late Cenozooic sedimentary sequence in Okinawa-jima, Japan. Progress in Micropaleontology. 214-243. gs


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