CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globorotalia (Turborotalia) transsylvanica Popescu 1970

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Globorotalia (Turborotalia) transsylvanica

Citation: Globorotalia (Turborotalia) transsylvanica Popescu 1970
Rank: species
Type locality: Holotype (fig. 30a-c) from near Ciceu-Giurgesti, Hartigani, Dubei Valley, Hunedoara District; and other figured specimens (figs. 28, 29, 31-33) from the left side of the Negrilesti Valley, in the Bistrita-Nasaud District; both in the North Transylvania Basin, Romania.
Type age: Middle Miocene
Holotype Repository: Bucharest; Geological Institute, Bucharest, Romania;
Type & figured specimens: pl. 7, figs. 28-33, : holotype (fig. 30a-c), no. P. 100452; and other figured specimens (figs. 28, 29, 31-33), no. P. 100456. pl. 7, figs. 28-33, X 100

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Original Description
"Test-free, trochospiral; chambers globular to oval, increasing gradually in size, about 12-14, arranged in 2½ whorls, 5-½ in the final; sutures depressed, radial on the umbilical side, slightly recurved on the spiral side; calcareous wall, translucent, finely perforated, smooth surface; equatorial periphery rounded or slightly lobated, axial periphery broadly rounded; spiral, side flattened, in the early whorls, almost depressed; umbilical side convex with a deep umbilicus; aperture interiomarginal, arched, extending from umbilicus up to petiphery, bordered by a broad lip.

Extra details from original publication
"Remarks. - Globorotalia (T.) transsylvanica differs from G. anfracta Parker (Parker, 1967, Bull. Amer. Pal., vol. 52, no. 235, p. 175, pl. 38, figs . 3-8) in having globular chambers."


Popescu, G. (1970). Planktonic foraminiferal zonation in the Dej Tuff complex. Revue Roumaine de Géologie Géophysique et Géographie, Serie de Géologie. 14: 189-203. gs


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