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Globorotalia californica

Citation: Globorotalia californica Cushman and Todd 1948
Rank: Species
Type locality: A road cut in a small stream valley about 0.23 mi. from the Shannon Road junction on a small secondary road which trends southwesterly from Shannon Road at a point 0.7 mi. west of Guadalupe Creek, in the southwest quarter of sec. 24, T. 8 S., R. 1 W., Mt. Diablo meridian, New Almaden district, Santa Clara Co., California.
Type age: Cretaceous? [probably Albian]
Holotype Repository: Washington; USNM
Type & figured specimens: P I. 16, figs. 22, 23; Holotype (Cushman Coll. No. 58509)

Linked specimens: USNM-370101 USNM-58509 USNM-58510 USNM-58511

Current identification/main database link: Praeglobotruncana stephani (Gandolfi, 1942)

Original Description
Test trochoid, composed of 2½ to 3 whorls, rather high-spired, periphery angled but not keeled, lobulated, umbilicus large, deep, and open; chambers indistinct, 6 or 7 in the adult whorl, flattened dorsally, slightly inflated ventrally, especially at their inner ends, very slightly if at all increasing in size in the adult whorl; sutures distinct, limbate and slightly curved on the dorsal side, deeply incised and radial on the ventral side; wall roughened, spinose; aperture a large, arched opening under the edge of the last-formed chamber extending from the umbilicus to the periphery, with a slight protruding lip.

Size: Diameter 0.50-0.75 mm.; thickness 0.25 mm.

Extra details from original publication
This species differs from G. marginaculeata Loeblich and Tappan from the Lower Cretaceous of Texas in being larger, in lacking the spinose keel, and in the umbilicus being larger and more open. It occurs very abundantly.

Editors' Notes
senior homonym of Globorotalia californica Smith 1957; The type material is probably Albian in age [comment from Chronos website]


Cushman, J. A. & Todd, R. (1948). A foraminiferal fauna from the New Almaden district, California. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 24: 90-98. gs :: ::


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