CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globorotalia lacerti Cushman & Renz 1946

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Globorotalia lacerti

Citation: Globorotalia lacerti Cushman & Renz 1946
Rank: Species
Holotype Repository: Washington; USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-46794 USNM-46796 USNM-370103 USNM-46795

Current identification/main database link: Morozovella aequa (Cushman and Renz 1942)

Notes: original combination not double checked

Original Description
"Test trochoid, dorsal side flattened or slightly convex, ventral side strongly convex, distinctly umbilicate, periphery subacuate; chambers few, usually four in the adult whorl, rapidly increasing in size as added until the last two or three in the final whorl which are nearly uniform size; sutures on the dorsal side rather indistinct, not depressed, ventrally strongly depressed, very slightly curved; wall finely but not distinctly spinose, with very short spines; aperture an arched opening on the umbilical border of the last-formed chamber. Length up to 0.65 mm; breadth up to 0.50 mm.; thickness up to 0.40 mm.


Cushman, J.A. & Renz, H.H., (1946). The foraminiferal fauna of the Lizard Springs formation of Trinidad, British West Indies. Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research Special Publication, 18: 1-48.


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