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Globotruncana kuepperi

Citation: Globotruncana kuepperi Thalmann 1959
Rank: Species

Current identification/main database link: Dicarinella primitiva (Dalbiez, 1955)

See also: Globotruncana (Praeglobotruncana) renzi primitiva - original name, and description;

Original Description
Globotruncana küpperi Thalmann, nom. nov.
For: Globotruncana (Praeglobotruncana) renzi Gandolfi-Thalmann subsp. primitiva Küpper, 1956, Contr. Cushman Found. Foram. Research, vol. 7, pI. 8, fig. 2, Upper Cenomanian, California
[non Globotruncana (Globotruncana) ventricosa White subsp. primitiva Dalbiez, 1955, Micropaleontologist, vol. 1, p. 168, text fig. 6, Upper Coqiacian, Tunisia].
Klaus Küpper's subspecies is herewith elevated to species rank and named after him in order to perpetuate the memory of a young, highly promising, and enthusiastic scientist who had to die much too early.

Editors' Notes
nom nov for Globotruncana (Praeglobotruncana) renzi primitiva Küpper 1956


Küpper, K. (1956). Upper Cretaceous Pelagic Foraminifera from the "Antelope Shale", Glenn and Colusa Counties, California. Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research. 7(2): 40-47. gs

Thalmann, H. E. (1959). New names for foraminiferal homonyms. Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research. 10(4): 130-. gs


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Le Coze

Globotruncana kuepperi is a nomen novum for Globotruncana (Praeglobotruncana) renzi subsp. primitiva Küpper, 1956 not Globotruncana (Globotruncana) ventricosa subsp. primitiva Dalbiez 1955

Maybe they were homonyms and synonyms?

Jeremy Young (UK)

I have clarified this somewhat but I don't have the references to resolve this entirely, another one for Brian. Jeremy

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