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Guembelina goodwini

Citation: Guembelina goodwini Cushman & Jarvis, in Cushman 1933
Rank: Species
Type locality: Hospital Hill, near San Fernando, Trinidad, B. W. I.; collected by P. W. Jarvis.
Type age: Upper Eocene, Hantkenina bed
Holotype Repository: Washington; USNM
Type & figured specimens: Pl. 7, figs. 15, 16; Holotype (Cushman CoIl No. 19066)

Linked specimens: USNM-19067 USNM-19066

Current identification/main database link: Streptochilus martini (Pijpers 1933)

Original Description

Test small, biserial, periphery rounded, increasing in breadth so that the greatest breadth of the test is formed by the last pair of chambers in the adult; chambers distinct, inflated, of rather uniform shape but increasing gradually in size as added; sutures distinct, slightly depressed; wall calcareous, finely perforate, slightly roughened; aperture a high arched opening running up well into the apertural face on the inner side of the last-formed chamber. 

Size: Length 0.30 mm.; breadth 0.20 mm.; thickness 0.10 mm.

Etymology: This species is named in honor of Capt. J. A. Goodwin, former manager of the British Controlled Oil Fields of Trinidad.

Extra details from original publication
This is the species already mentioned in a previous paragraph*. It seems to be definitely a Guembelina as are the others already noted. It is interesting in this connection to note that the persistence of the simple type of Guembelina carries the particular group into a later position geologically than that indicated for the more specialized genera closely related to it, such as, Rectoguembelina, Pseudotextularia, Ventilabrella, Planoglobulina, Tubitextularia, and others, all of which so far as known, in America at least, did not persist beyond the Upper Cretaceous.
There is some question in Europe as to the occurrence of Pseudotextularia in the lower Eocene where it has been recorded by Rzehak. As this bed, however, carries a very definitely Upper Cretaceous fauna including Rzehakina, etc., it seems probable that their actual age will finally be determined to be Upper Cretaceous rather than lower Eocene.

* The previous paragraph refered to is (p.65): "Nearly a year ago Mr. P. W. Jarvis of Trinidad, B. W. I., sent me a mounted slide and a considerable amount of loose material from the Hospital Hill marl from near San Fernando, Trinidad, noting in his letter that this was very abundant in this particular marl, but that the beds immediately above it had been very care­fully washed and searched for this same form without any suc­cess. An examination of the material, two specimens of which are figured on Plate 7, figures 15 and 16, showed this to be a Guembelina although some of the features of the aperture, which will be noted later, are peculiar. This particular material came from the Hantkenina material which has been definitely known to be Upper Ecene in age. This, together with the record of Howe and Wallace, shows very definitely that the genus per­sisted to nearly the top of the Eocene."


Cushman, J. A. (1933a). Post-Cretaceous occurrence of Guembelina with a description of a new species. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 9(3): 64-69. gs :: ::


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