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Guembelina has 59 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 G. ace :: 2 G. mic :: 3 G. sub
Daughter taxa: (blue => in age window 0-800Ma)
= Planoglobulina acervulinoides
= Chiloguembelina cubensis
= Planoheterohelix moremani
= Hendersonites carinatus
= Guembelitria cenomana

= Sigalia deflaensis
= Pseudoguembelina costulata
= Chiloguembelina crinita
= Chiloguembelina cubensis
= Chiloguembelina ototara
= Laeviheterohelix pulchra
= Sigalia deflaensis
not figured = Planoheterohelix planata
= Pseudoguembelina excolata
= Racemiguembelina fructicosa
= Chiloguembelina cubensis
= Laeviheterohelix glabrans
= Planoheterohelix globulosa

= Planoheterohelix globulosa
= Streptochilus martini
= Sigalia deflaensis

= Streptochilus martini
Guembelina has 59 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 G. ace :: 2 G. mic :: 3 G. sub


Citation: Guembelina Egger 1900
Rank: Genus

Current identification/main database link:

Editors' Notes
The name is based on Gümbel. If the umlaut is not used then the correct spelling of this name is Guembel. So Guembelina  is the form which should be used in taxonomic nomenclature. 


Egger, J. G. (1900). Foraminiferen und Ostrakoden aus den Kreidemergeln der Oberbayerischen Alpen. Abhandlugen der königlichen bayerischen Akademie Wissenschaften zu München, mathematische - naturwisenschaftliche Classe. 21: 3-230. gs


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Le Coze

Gumbelina is a misspelling of Guembelina. Published as Gümbelina it is emended following ICZN Art. In the case of a diacritic or other mark, the mark concerned is deleted, except that in a name published before 1985 and based upon a German word, the umlaut sign is deleted from a vowel and the letter "e" is to be inserted after that vowel (if there is any doubt that the name is based upon a German word, it is to be so treated).

All the contents under Gumbelina should be probably transfered under Guembelina.

Jeremy Young (UK)

This gets almost metaphyisical - if the name is automatically corrected then is the name it was published under the name used in the publication or the corrected version of the name? I think you are right and it is the corrected version -which also makes things neater. So I have transferred the species and will delete the entry for the (non-existent) genus Gumbelina

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