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Hedbergella holmdelensis

Citation: Hedbergella holmdelensis Olsson 1964
Rank: Species
Type locality: upper Maastrichtian, Navesink Fm., New Jersey
Holotype Repository: Washington; USNM
Type & figured specimens: 640917

Linked specimens: USNM-640919 USNM-640917

Current identification/main database link: Muricohedbergella holmdelensis (Olsson 1964)

Original Description
"Test very low trochospiral, nearly planispiral in appearance, much compressed; equatorial periphery strongly lobate; axial periphery rounded. Wall finely perforate, delicately hispid. Chambers five, occasionally six, in final whorl, increasing rather rapidly in size, moderately inflated, ovate, elongate in direction of coiling compressed ovate in axial view. Sutures depressed and gently curved on spiral side, depressed and radial on umbilical side. Aperture a low arch, interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical, bordered by a thin lip; apertures of previously formed chambers open into the umbilicus. Greatest diameter of holotype 0.20 mm., greatest thickness 0.10 mm. Unfigured paratypes range from 0.15 to 0.24 mm. in maximum diameter, from 0.07 to 0.12 mm. in maximum thickness. Greatest diameter of figured paratype 0.26 mm., greatest thickness 0.10 mm. "


Olsson, R. K. (1964b). Late Cretaceous planktonic Foraminifera from New Jersey and Delaware. Micropaleontology. 10(2): 157-188. gs :: ::


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