CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hedbergella praetrocoidea Kretzchmar and Gorbachik, in Gorbachik 1986

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Hedbergella praetrocoidea

Citation: Hedbergella praetrocoidea Kretzchmar and Gorbachik, in Gorbachik 1986
Rank: Species
Type locality: Village of Verkhorechye, along the Kacha River, southwestern Crimea, Ukraine.
Type age (chronostrat): Aptian
Type specimens: GP-41
Type repository: Moscow, Russia;

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella praetrocoidea Kretchmar and Gorbachik, in Gorbachik, 1986

Original Description
Test small, high spired. Both right- and left-coiling specimens occur. Height of coil variable. Spiral side usually convex, more rarely flat. Umbilical side concave. Contour of test lightly oval, lobate. Peripheral margin broad, rounded. Adult tests consist of 2.5-3 whorls. Total number of chambers 14-19, specimens with 17 chambers predominate. First whorl has 5-5.5 chambers, later whorls 6-7. Number of chambers per whorl increases each whorl by a half to one chamber. First 4-6 chambers spherical. Later chambers are trapezoidal on the spiral side, last 2-4 chambers are kidney-bean-shaped.


Gorbachik, T. N. (1986). Jurassic and early Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera of the south of the USSR. Moscow: Izdat. “Nauka”. 1986: 120-. gs


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