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Hedbergella telatynensis

Citation: Hedbergella telatynensis Gawor-Biedowa 1952
Rank: Species
Type locality: Borehole Telatyn IG-I, depth 282.1 m.
Type age (chronostrat): Campanian
Type specimens: lolotype: specimen IG No. 45981/88/F, in pI. 13: 3. Paratypes:. IG Nos.: 45982/88/F, 45983/88/F, in pI. 13: 2, 4.

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Original Description
Diagnosis. - Test small, round in outline, planoconvex, with flat dorsal side and convex ventral one, built of 2½ of whorl, and with 6-7 chambers in the final whorl. Chambers increase in size gradually and slowly as added. The test surface hispid. Aperture arched, low and with a narrow lip.

Description. - with dorsal side flat and convex ventral one. Final whorl consisting commonly of 6 to 7 chambers, rarely only 5. Older whorls which are flat and poorly visible occupy half of the test diameter. The final whorl is narrow displaying chambers gradually and slightly increasing in size as added. Chambers outline on the dorsal side trapezoidal, surface slightly convex, septal sutures poorly depressed and radial. Spiral suture poorly depressed. Chambers triangular, strongly convex, sutures poorly depressed and radial on the ventral side. Umbilicus very narrow, aperture low-arched, extraumbilical with a lip running to the umbilicus. Test periphery rounded, surface slightly hispid.

Size: diameter 0.14-0.19 mm height 0.07 mm

Etymology: From the name of the village Telatyn.

Extra details from original publication
Variability. Variability is low and expressed in degree of flattening of dorsal side (always flat, sometimes older whorls situated even slightly lower than the final one), and in the number of chambers (5 to 7) in the final whorl.

Remarks: This species is most similar to Hedhergella planispira (TAPPAN) from which it differs in asymmetric, planoconvex test with invisible older whorls, less convex chambers of the final whorls on the dorsal side. It differs from Hedhergella holmdelensis OLSSON (to which it is similar in having dorsally flattened test) in a circular test outline, narrow final whorl, trapezoidal outline of chambers on the dorsal side as well as in a gradual and slow size increase of chambers as added and in more rounded test periphery. It differs from Praeglohotruncana crassa BOLLI in the number of chambers in the final whorl (in the last species there are 5 chambers), in invisible or poorly visible older whorls and a gradual increase in size of chambers in the final whorl. Hedhergella telatynensis sp. n. differs from Whiteinella centennialensis FRERICHs, which has similar test shape, chamber shape and pattern of their increase in size as added, in less numerous chambers in the final whorl (Whiteinella centennialensis FRERICHS has 7 to 9 chambers), in the chambers of older whorls invisible, in the flattening of the dorsal side and in the absence of a large apertural lip. It resembles Planorotalia (?) praecompressa MJATLIUK, 1970 in size of the test, number of whorls, pattern of adding of whorls and chambers in whorls, as well as in the general shape of the test. It differs from that species in having hispid test surface, flat dorsal side and more numerous chambers in the final whorl (5 to 7 but usually 6 in Hedbergella telatynensis; 5, to usually 6 in Planorotalia (?) praecompressa MJATLIUK).

Distribution. Poland Campanian-Maastrichtian.


Gawor-Biedowa, E. (1992). . . -. gs


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