CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hedbergella Brönnimann & Brown, 1958

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Daughter taxa (blue => in age window 0-300Ma)
= Asterohedbergella asterospinosa
= Clavihedbergella amabilis
= Muricohedbergella angolae
= Hedbergella aptiana
= Muricohedbergella astrepta
= Muricohedbergella atlantica
status uncertain
= Hedbergella infracretacea
= Muricohedbergella blakensis
= Hedbergella bollii
= Whiteinella bornholmensis
= Whiteinella brittonensis
= Paracostellagerina libyca
= Hedbergella excelsa
= Muricohedbergella flandrini
= Hedbergella gorbachikae
= Favusella washitensis
= Hedbergella hispaniae
= Muricohedbergella holmdelensis
= Muricohedbergella implicata
status uncertain
= Microhedbergella intermedia
= Hedbergella kuhryi
= Muricohedbergella kyphoma
= Hedbergella labocaensis
= Muricohedbergella atlantica
= Paracostellagerina libyca
= Hedbergella luterbacheri
= Hedbergella maslakovae
= Muricohedbergella loetterli
= Hedbergella occulta
= Muricohedbergella praelibyca
= Hedbergella praelippa
= Hedbergella praetrocoidea
= Microhedbergella pseudotrocoidea
= Liuenella punctata
status uncertain
= Microhedbergella rischi
= Hedbergella semielongata
= Hedbergella sigali
= Hedbergella similis
= Muricohedbergella sliteri
status uncertain
= Ticinella raynaudi
= Muricohedbergella wondersi


Citation: Hedbergella Brönnimann & Brown, 1958
Rank: Genus

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella Bronnimann and Brown 1958


Brönnimann, P. & Brown, N.K.J., (1958). Hedbergella, a new name for a Cretaceous planktonic foraminiferal genus. J. Washington Acad. Sci., 48: 15-17.


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