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Citation: Kassabiana Salaj & Solakius, 1984
Rank: Genus
Type species: Globotruncana falsocalcarata Kerdany & Abdelsalam, 1969

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Notes: The generic name Kassabiana was first proposed by Salaj 1983, however, no descriton of the genus was given, so the name was unavaiable. A description was subsequently published by Salaj and Solakius (1984), hence authorship of the genus is from that paper. Paleogeographic distribution of Kassabiana was documented by Solakius et al. (1990).


Kerdany & Abdelsalam 1969 [sorry, not in our bibliography yet]

Salaj, J. & Solakius, N., (1984). The genus Kassabiana Salaj, 1983, from the uppermost Maastrichtian of northeastern Tunisia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 21: 1199-1204.

Salaj, J., (1983). Quelques problèmes taxonomiques concernant les foraminiſères planctoniques et la zonation du Sénonien supérieur d'El Kef. Geologica Carpathica, 34(2): 187-212.

Solakius, N.; Pomoni-Papaioannou, F. & Alexopoulos, A., (1990). On the paleogeographic distribution of the Late Maastrichtian planktonic foraminiferal genus Kassabiana SALAJ & SOLAKIUS, 1984. Acta Geológica Hispánica, 25: 289-298.


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Le Coze


The type species was given but the genus was not described. I added all the information:

If you need the original publication (1983) and have problems to find it in the archives of Geologica Carpathica, just let me know.


Le Coze

Kassabiana Salaj & Solakius, 1984 (Kassabiana Salaj, 1983 is not available = no description). Please see

Jeremy Young (UK)


Thanks for adding that - but do you know more detail - specifically was the description of the type species lacking or the the description of the genus?


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