CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Praeglobotruncana hansbollii Trujillo 1960

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Praeglobotruncana hansbollii

Citation: Praeglobotruncana hansbollii Trujillo 1960
Rank: Species

Current identification/main database link: Muricohedbergella planispira (Tappan, 1940)

Original Description
The shape of the test of Praeglobotruncana hansbollii is rotaloid, small, compressed, sides nearly parallel, usually with about two and one-half whorls visible in the flattened spire, and only the last whorl visible on the umbilical side. The periphery is lobulate, and edge evenly rounded. There are usually six chambers in the ultimate whorl, which increase very gradually and regularly in size as added, except the pen- ultimate and ultimate ones which tend to be more inflated. Sutures are distinct, quite depressed, straight and radial on both sides. The wall is calcareous, with medium sized perforations, and slightly hispid. The umbilicus is shallow, relatively wide, with an incipient cover plate occasionally observable. Aperture is interiomarginal, a low arched slit extending from the umbilical side onto the peripheral margin, and with a slight, usually indistinct lip. About 65 percent of the observed specimens coil dextrally.


Trujillo, E. F. (1960). Upper Cretaceous foraminifera from near Redding, Shasta County, California. Journal of Paleontology. 34: 290-346. gs


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